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The Vigil Alumni

The Vigil thanks everyone who contributed their stories and poems and worked for the publication. Without those who edited, managed, and wrote pieces and poems, we would not be able to exist. From a current team of students where each has one or more marginalized identities, we thank you all and look towards a better future.

2021-2022 Team

Editor in Chief: Kadiatou Diallo '22

Editor in Chief: Pamela Steimel '22

Assistant Editor: Leia Barrow '22

Assistant Editor: Connor McNamara '24

Assistant Editor: Samuel K. Masser '23

Social Media Coordinator: Giang Nguyen '24

2019-2020 Team

Editor in Chief: Chase Isabell '21

Chief Strategist: Katana Evans '22

Treasurer: Audrey Martin '22

Assistant Editor: James Ricks '21

Assistant Editor: Kadiatou Diallo '22

Assistant Editor: Pamela Steimel '22

Assistant Editor: Laurel Myers '20

Social Media Coordinator: Jin Ni '22

Social Media Coordinator: Mackenzie Van Meter '22

Photographer/Graphic Designer: Nolan Zunk '22

2018-2019 Team

Co-founder/Editor in Chief: Jake Sirota '19U

Co-founder/Chief Strategist: Dannick Kenon '19

Managing Editor: Hannah Denham '20

Copy Editor: Alexa Caffio '19

Assistant Editor: Nancy Coleman '18

Assistant Editor: Sage Moran '19

Communication Director: Laura Calhoun '20

Social Media Coordinator: Chase Isabell '21

Podcast Host: Iman Messado '19

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