The Vigil Alumni

We at the Vigil would like to thank everyone who took the time to contribute as well as help maintain the publication. Without the support from those who edited, directed and, most importantly wrote, we would not be able to exist. The Vigil is ever grateful for the opportunity that these individuals have given us to make an impact at Washington and Lee.


Co-founder/Editor in Chief: Jake Sirota 19'

Co-founder/Chief Strategist: Dannick Kenon 19'

Managing Editor: Hannah Denham 20'

Copy Editor: Alexa Caffio 19'

Assistant Editor: Nancy Coleman 18'

Assistant Editor: Sage Moran 19'

Communication Director: Laura Calhoun 20'

Social Media Coordinator: Chase Isabell 21'

Podcast Host: Iman Messado 19'


Contributed writers: 

Dannick Kenon 19'

Garrett Clinton 20' 

Hannah Denham 20' 

Joëlle Simeu 20'
Jake Sirota 19'

Kat Oakley 19'
Laura Calhoun 20'

Laurel Myers 20'

Landon Courville 19'
Leia Barrow 21'

Matthew Lubas 18'

Matthew Marshall 19'
Mary-Kate Moran 19'
Rossella Gabriele 19'

Ramonah Gibson 20'

Sasha Edwards 20'
Zachary Taylor 18'

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