• morrisona23

A Shard of Glass

I am not a puzzle piece

You can gently push back

Into the picture you cut me out of

Instead I am a shard of glass

From a broken vase

And if you have ever tried

To put a broken vase back together,

Then you should know

That it doesn’t go back easy

And it never goes back quite the same

I am not flimsy cardboard

With a paper picture pasted on

I am not flimsy cardboard

Easily cut out

And put back silently

I am pressurized glass

Beautiful stained glass

Eons in the making

I wasn’t cut out

We were shattered


I am not a puzzle piece

There's no picture

Or clue to where exactly I'm supposed to be

Instead I am a shard of stained glass

Shoved in a box

Written “figure out later”

I am a shard of stained glass

In a box full of shards of beautifully stained glass

And some of them even wanna be puzzle pieces

Some shards even find their way out of the box

And over to the flimsy cardboard that is the fabric of this country

And try to fit themselves into the holes

In the paper picture pasted on that is 

the American dream

But I know there is no American dream for me

Because I am stained glass

And I can still hear the echo

Of the sorrowful cries of each shard

When they shattered us

I am not flimsy cardboard

That turns to mush in the ocean of justice

I am beautiful stained glass

I am solid

Cleansed in the water of truth

And hoping to one day be made whole

But until then I will not try to shove myself

Into a picture I was never meant to be a part of

I am a part of a bigger picture

One not easily cut out of

One that doesn’t wash away in water

One that doesn’t fade in the sun

One that doesn’t come with a blueprint

Because the earth has never seen such beauty before

I am beautiful stained BLACK

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