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Law School Student Organization Statement of Solidarity

By Kobie Crosley 3L and Hope Barnes 3L

The W&L Spectator and College Republicans have invited Matt Walsh—a self proclaimed “theocratic fascist” and “Transphobe of the Year”—to host a discussion on March 30th. The event entitled “What is a Woman?” promises to “speak about issues relevant to our campus and country.” Mr. Walsh has built a reputation on hateful rhetoric, specifically against the LGBTQ+ community. His opinions are unwelcome here.

Inviting civil discourse is disingenuous when your baseline is fascism and transphobia. This speaker targets the LGBTQ+ community and his hate affects us all. How an individual defines their gender should not be a community discussion. This recurring issue of masking hate as academic dialogue upends minorities' sense of belonging in our community.

Hate does not deserve a platform on this campus. We condemn this event and the transphobic beliefs held by Mr. Walsh. We stand in solidarity as allies to those in the LGBTQ+ community. We see you and we support you.

In Solidarity,

Black Law Students Association, Public Interest Law Student Association, Asian Pacific American Law Students Association, Women’s Law Student Association, American Constitutional Society, The Kirgis Fellows, First Generation Law Students, Jewish Law Student Association, Latin American Law Students Association, Middle Eastern and South Asian Law Students Association, Journal of Civil Rights and Social Justice, W&L Law Review, and Public Defense Group.

Approved and deeply appreciated by the OUTLaw Executive Board.

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